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Trenchless Technology and Directional Drilling Experts

LTL Directional Drilling is the leading provider for trenchless technologies in Northwestern Ontario and across the province. Working across all sectors — utilities, railway, private, and public — we offer a wide variety of directional drilling services using high-quality equipment and highly trained professionals.

Our in-house trenchless experts are available for consultation, design, and construction.  

We have the knowledge and experience to provide effective and reliable services for any project you may have, including:

  • New underground utility installations and maintenance
  • Residential & Commercial waterline and sanitary replacements and upgrades
  • Water Distribution & Wastewater infrastructure replacement upgrades
  • Telecommunications and electrical underground conduits
  • Raw water intake systems

During our 20+ years of business, we’ve worked in some of the most challenging ground conditions, remote locations, and with unique applications. Our goal is to make sure that your projects are completed on time, within budget, and with minimal impact to the environment.

What are the benefits to trenchless technology?

  • Reduced surface disruption to vegetation and aesthetic
  • Lower overall restoration costs (topsoil, vegetation, and hard surface replacement)
  • Reliable construction method in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Minimal pedestrian and traffic inhibition


Enbridge Gas
Hydro One
Synergy North
City of Thunder Bay
NPL Canada

Trenchless Services

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling is a pilot guided conventional mud rotary drilling methodology on a horizontal plane with a main objective on conduit and pipeline installations. Horizontal directional drilling or “HDD” can be utilized when traditional open-cut techniques are not desirable or feasible.

Our HDD fleet capability range is from residential projects to mainline distribution for a variety of utility owners.

  • Telecommunications and electrical conduits
  • Water & sanitary replacements and new installations
  • Natural gas pipelines and services
  • Soil sampling and monitoring/extraction well applications

Pipe Ramming

A trenchless construction method that uses a steel pipe or mandrel to displace soil, rocks, and other obstructions in order to create an underground pathway with minimal disruption to the surface environment.

  • Culvert replacements and upgrades
  • Washover and conductor casing installations
  • Permanent Steel casing
  • HDD assist and extraction
  • Pipe bursting and splitting
  • Natural gas pipelines
Pipe Ramming
Guided Boring

Guided Boring & Auger Boring

A trenchless construction method which utilizes mechanical soil removal while simultaneously installing steel casing as the borehole is advanced. This method combines lower cost, minimal disruption to the surface environment, and faster installation than traditional open-cut methods. We’re able to offer both guided and unguided methodology.

  • Roadway and railway crossings
  • Watermain and sewer casings
  • Natural gas pipeline installations

Tunneling & Jacking

A trenchless construction method that offers several advantages over traditional open-cut methods, including greater control over the exact path taken, reduced environmental impact, and decreased disruption to the surrounding area.

  • Large diameter installations
  • Road and railway crossings
  • Conduit to facilitate multiple utilities
Tunneling Project
Raw Water Intake Project

Raw Water Intakes

One of the most widely used methods of ensuring a steady supply of water for both residential and commercial usage.

  • Seasonal homes and camp water supply
  • Community water intakes for high volume demands
  • Guaranteed water source when groundwater availability is unreliable or of poor quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 20 years — we are one of the original trusted trenchless contractors in Ontario.

Primarily we work in Ontario and Manitoba, but we’re able to work on projects from coast to coast across Canada.

Yes, we’ve worked in a number, including Niacatchewenin, Pic Mobert First Nations, and Marten Falls First Nations providing raw water intakes, potable water, wastewater infrastructure — either new construction or replacement of existing, and telecommunications fibre optic builds.

We specialize in horizontal directional drilling (HDD), pipe ramming, auger boring, tunneling, and raw water intakes. We also offer consultation and design services for all types of trenchless construction projects.

Yes, we work with both utility companies and municipalities. We have extensive experience working with Enbridge Gas, Hydro One, Synergy North, City of Thunder Bay, Aecon, and NPL Canada.

Yes! We offer two main services to residential customers:

  • Residential water & sanitary service replacements and repairs
  • Horizontally drilled raw water intake systems

We offer free estimates with year round installation options

In addition to our primary trenchless construction services, we also provide consultation and design services for any type of project. Our team is knowledgeable in the latest industry standards and regulations, and as such can provide guidance for any kind of construction project.

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