Safety Is Our Priority

Keeping our team safe through rigorous training

LTL Group’s Safety Policy

The safe delivery of construction services is one of LTL’s central guiding principles. We are determined to protect workers from potential harm and strive towards a goal of zero-accidents.

We firmly believe that every accident is preventable with the right safety measures and training in place.

Employee safety is at the core of our business

All employees are educated on the potential hazards of working in construction and must regularly complete our Health & Safety program. Safety protocols are covered during regular meetings and training sessions and all employees are expected to observe safe work practices.

We focus on:

  • Employee Wellness
  • Injury Prevention
  • Administrative Oversight

We also have emergency response plans in place to quickly respond to any incidents that may occur. All employees and subcontractors are encouraged to report any unsafe conditions they observe while onsite and our safety team promptly addresses all concerns.

Safety Assocations

CCOHS - Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
ISNetworld - Member Contractor