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For any project in Northern Ontario, you can rely on our group of construction companies. We have the expertise and resources to meet your needs, no matter the job.

Your Comprehensive Construction Ally in the North

LTL Group is made up of four complementary divisions which combines our expertise across heavy civil contracting, directional drilling, environmental remediation and heavy equipment rentals. We are proud to offer comprehensive construction services throughout Northwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario, and within remote First Nation communities.

Our four core divisions work side by side to provide our clients with tightly integrated, efficient, and productive outcomes — no matter the project. With our four divisions, we’ve reduced our need to outsource ensuring your job is on time, and on budget.

From start to finish, LTL Group is the reliable and knowledgeable team you need for your next big construction project.

Companies We’ve Worked With

Enbridge Gas
NPL Canada
Synergy North
Hydro One
City of Thunder Bay
PCL Construction
Impala Canada

The Three Divisions of LTL Group

Loading giant rocks into the back of a truck next to train tracks.

LTL Contracting

With extensive expertise in heavy civil contracting, LTL Contracting is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our clients. Our comprehensive range of services covers various areas, such as crushing, utilities work, winter roads, surface mining operations, and remote heavy civil projects in the picturesque landscapes of Northern Ontario.

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LTL Environmental

A comprehensive environmental contracting firm that offers clients a distinctive combination of environmental consulting and contracting services. LTL Environmental’s specialization lies in soil and groundwater remediation, as well as demolition and waste hauling, hazardous materials management, and more.

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Soil remediation project
Tunneling Project

LTL Directional Drilling

As a leading provider of trenchless technologies, LTL Directional Drilling primarily focuses on underground utility installations and maintenance, waterline and sanitary replacements, wastewater infrastructure upgrades, telecommunications and electrical conduits, and raw water intake systems.

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Focused on Safety

We firmly believe that every accident is preventable with the right safety measures and comprehensive training in place. By implementing robust safety protocols, conducting regular risk assessments, and providing continuous education and awareness programs, we can create a culture of safety that minimizes the chances of accidents occurring.

Together, let’s prioritize safety and work towards accident-free environments for everyone.

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Brief History


LTL Contracting was founded by Vic and Harvey Laurin, and partner Brian Tetlock. The company name was derived from the initials of their last names.


Harvey Laurin and Scott MacLeod became the new partners, with Vic Laurin and Brian Tetlock retiring.


LTL Directional Drilling was founded by Scott MacLeod and Jamie Geils


LTL Environmental was established


LTL Group was incorporated

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