Horizontal & Directional Drilling With Trenchless Technology

LTL Directional Drilling is a leading provider of horizontal and directional drilling services located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. LTL Directional Drilling's services allow access to targets not accessible through conventional vertical drilling practices. When the target is located beneath an obstacle, whether rock, swampland or an environmentally sensitive area, directional drilling allows for efficient access and increased production.

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HDD & Trenching

  • Our Horizontal Directional Drilling & Trenching services laid the foundation for our growth which is why we strive to demonstrate our commitment to reliable quality on every project
  • By amassing over 10 Horizontal Directional Drills, 4 Hydro Vac’s, blade trenchers, vibratory plows, and much more LTL has the resources and time-tested manpower to suit any demand
  • With a focus on specialty operations such as rock boring, residential water service replacements, dam breaching, pipe bursting, lake water intakes, and other specialty services LTL has the ingenuity and confidence to overcome any trenched and trenchless demand

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Pneumatic Ramming View Details

Pneumatic Ramming

  • A pneumatic hammer that utilizes compressed air to install steel casing/pipe ranging from 610mm – 3,048mm (24” – 120”)
  • Some benefits of pneumatic rammed pipe installations; suited for saturated and wet ground conditions, relative resilience to cobbles and small boulders compared to conventional Jack & Bore, and does not require backstops
  • Two method specific features being “Bursting” (within) and “Swallowing” (overtaking) of existing CSP, timber, and stone arch culvert’s available to minize installation schedules and eliminate decommissioning costs associated with the existing structure

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Jack and Boring View Details

Jack and Boring

  • hydraulic pushing system (based off a rear backstop) accompanied by rotary augers that is capable of steel and/or steel casing/pipe installations from 300mm – 1,524mm (12” – 60”)
  • Adaptability options to suit a variety of ground conditions (ex. solid bedrock) and a variety of casing material options such as steel, concrete, or FRP
  • With our guided bore options, both Pipe Ramming and Jack & Bore installations can be adapted to carry precise grade control of any size pipe/casing (ideal for sanitary and grade critical installations)

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Tunneling View Details


  • Tunnel Boring Machines are capable of liner-plate, steel, and/or concrete installation from 1,220mm –3,610mm (48” – 142”**) – and larger
  • Tunnel Boring Machine’s are configured according to specific project conditions and carry a variety of options focused on adaptability, such as pressurized head units, rock bore tooling, boulder accommodating open face, hydraulic sand shelves and more…

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