LTL Directional Drilling has many years of experience in Thunder Bay and all over Canada, applying our systematic approach to optimize all aspects of drilling. Our main objective is to provide our clients with the best in customer service and expertise. LTL has assembled a strong, highly experienced, qualified team who have the background, skills and knowledge to deliver sound and efficient services to meet our customers' objectives.

Horizontal Soil Sample View Details

Soil Sample

Typical soil samples are taken vertically from the surface down. But what if the circumstances have created a situation where a vertical sample is possible?

Let LTL help you obtain a sample that you require. With LTL expertise and equipment we can customize and project to meet your needs.

Auger Bore / Pipe Ramming View Details

Auger Bore /
Pipe Ramming

From Drainer culverts to protection casings LTL has the experience and equipment to install your steel casing needs. Whether your project has Environmental Restrictions in sensitive areas or % grade specifications. LTL has the tools to complete the job.

Horizontal Directional Rock Drilling View Details

Directional Rock Drilling

With home being the heart of the Canadian shield LTL DD is no stranger to hard rock conditions. LTL has completed and has the ability to complete your solid rock boring needs. From Mud Meters to down the hole air hammers LTL has the equipment and knowledge to complete the job at hand.

Horizontal Remediation Well Installation View Details

Horizontal Remediation
Well Installation

In certain situations traditional vertical remediation well installations are neither feasible nor possible. LTL has the experience and the ability to provide clients with horizontal remediation wells to fit their projects. Whether to install a well under a structure that cannot be removed or simply to maximize surface area coverage, LTL can customize the well installation to suit your needs.

Water Well Intakes View Details

Water Well

Whether commercial or residential, LTL has the equipment to install water intake lines from 2” to 30” and a distance of over 1000ft.

Horizontal Directional Drilling View Details

Horizontal Directional

LTL’s extensive fleet of HOD rigs is prepared to install piping ranging from ¾ of an inch to 42 inches in diameter with length in excess of 800 meters. No matter the obstacle, LTL has the equipment and experience to get the job done on time and within budget.