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LTL Directional Drilling

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thunder bay directional drilling

Welcome to LTL Directional Drilling 

LTL Directional Drilling is a leading provider of horizontal and directional drilling services located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Working in conjunction with parent company LTL Contracting Ltd, LTL Directional Drilling's services allow access to targets not accessible through conventional vertical drilling practices. When the target is located beneath an obstacle, whether rock, swampland or an environmentally sensitive area, directional drilling allows for efficient access and increased production.


Benefits of Horizontal and Directional Drilling:

  • Greater Access
  • Increased Productivity
  • Accelerated Production
  • Minimized Surface Disturbance

Recent Projects

LTL Directional Drilling has worked on various projects throughout the province, including water and sewer infrastructure, trenching, and installation of oil and gas. 

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Safety Policy

Health and safety is an integral part of our organization. All company employees, supervisors and management actively participate in our Health & Safety program, including comprehensive training and compliance. Our increased safety measures help to prevent accidents, ensuring safe work practices, and thereby increasing the efficiency of our operations.

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In the News

LTL Directional Drilling has been widely covered in the news and in industry-classated journals for horizontal direction drilling services.

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